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A Eulogy on Character: Andrew Brechin

Today’s guest post comes from Colleen Anderson. Colleen freelances in copyediting and writing and also edits poetry for Chizine and does slush manuscript editing for ChiZine Publications. She’s a past editor for Aberrant Dreams, has edited for many first-time novels for individuals and has worked with publishers and magazines. Her poem “Of the Corn: Kore’s […]

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Writers Need Readers: Lessons from my Book Club

When my mom attends a book signing, book fair or convention with me, people will often ask her if she’s a writer too. She smiles and says, “Oh no. I’m just a reader. But you need us.” It always gets a big laugh and the other person, usually a writer, enthusiastically agrees.  Sometimes I hang […]

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Rainforest Revelations

Several of the Inkpunks recently returned from the amazing Rainforest Writers Village Retreat. This was my third year attending and I cannot say enough good things about it. It takes place at the The Rain Forest Resort Village, situated on Lake Quinault in the Pacific Northwest Pennisula. It’s not only a gorgeous setting which inspires […]

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Writing About Fighting

One of the most helpful writing panels I’ve ever been to was at VCon in 2008, called Writing About Fighting. I learned so much from the panelists, got inspired to finally start taking martial arts and have had since had the honour of joining this annual panel at VCon. I’ve asked two of the panelists […]

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Sometimes We Need a Kick in the Butt

As new writers, the number one piece of advice we hear is to get your butt in chair and keep it there. Great advice, but what if we get our butt in the chair, but the words don’t want to come? There’s nothing more frustrating than fighting to get the words down. If you’re like […]

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Why Write Short Stories?

At the 2011 World Horror Convention, I went to a panel called Why We Write Short Stories. When people used to talk about being a short form or long form writer, I had no idea where I fell into those categories or if I had a preference or the skills for one or the other. […]

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It’s Not a Race

Chris East is a writer, editor, reviewer, bassist, and general media junkie, who grew up in western New York and gradually migrated west to Los Angeles. He has a special studies writing degree from New York University, SUNY at Fredonia, and Michigan State University and attended the Clarion and Taos Toolbox writing workshops. His fiction […]

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Write-Brain Exercises

I spent the last two weeks with sixteen other writers under the tutelage of Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress at the Taos Toolbox workshop. I probably should’ve planned ahead to have my Inkpunks post ready for today before I left. Alas, I did not have that foresight. At the moment I’m a little (make […]

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High Fiber Serials

I’ve been to a lot of conventions and conferences in the last three years and I thought I would dig through my notes for my next Inkpunks blog topic. As I expected, I found a wealth of knowledge, if only I could read my scribbles and remember what they meant! I did find some coherent […]

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Putting the Science in Zombie Apocalypse

Kristi is an aspiring sci-fi and fantasy writer from Vancouver who also happens to be a scientist. She has a Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of British Columbia and a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University. Her areas of expertise are cell biology, genetics and molecular biology.  Besides […]

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