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Archive > December 2010

New Year’s Eve Cocktail Recipes

Because It’s Friday; It’s New Year’s Eve; It’s the last weekend of holidays for some; ‘Tis the season; and I have nothing profound to say on writerly topics just now (okay, mainly for this reason); below I have collected a few favorite cocktail recipes from Inkpunks and friends.  Enjoy! Erika Holt, Inkpunk THE CHRISTMAS COSMO […]

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Writing and Balance

We’ve already had some great posts about balance. Adam Israel wrote Learning to Say No, Sandra Wickham wrote Filling Your Well. In the name of having to post a blog on Christmas Eve (which, due to being so very extremely Polish, is the day I actually celebrate Christmas) I’m going to do one as well. […]

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Guest Post by Robyn M. Lupo: Reading is our research

Today’s Guest Post is by Robyn M. Lupo, a writer, slusher, and avid reader. Many thanks to Robyn for her contribution! I’m going to add to the post that Inkhaven put up a bit ago about reading. She asked us what’s on our bookshelf, and discussed some awesome resources that help us learn to be […]

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Inspirations and Aspirations

My mom’s birthday was this week and she’s off in Australia visiting my brother so I sent her long distance wishes. I also thanked her for all her support and encouragement when it comes to my writing. My mom is my sounding board as well as one of my beta readers. I know, you’re not […]

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On spells & spelling: an interview with Blake Charlton

The day I downloaded Google Chrome, I realized something: I’m no longer the spelling queen I used to be. Watching Chrome mercilessly auto-spell-check my Tweets and Google searches made my heart hurt. Spelling sometimes seems trivial, but often I caught myself struggling and failing to spell a complicated word, only to settle for the next […]

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Guest Post: Robert J. Bennett, author of Mr. Shivers

We are honored to have Robert J. Bennett–author of the acclaimed and deeply creepy Mr. Shivers—as our very first guest blogger. Many thanks to Robert for contributing this post! It is a silly man who spends his nights worrying about his problems, for in the morning he is tired, and his problems remain unchanged. – […]

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The power in pain

The phrase “tortured artist” brings to mind several famous figures: Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, Kurt Cobain, Vincent Van Gogh, and many others.  While the phrase is often used in a somewhat disparaging sense, implying a sort of purposeful cultivation of a negative attitude, in reality these individuals suffered through tragic and often unavoidable circumstances, whether severe health issues, […]

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One Tweet at a Time.

01. It’s easy to belittle twitter: “You can’t say anything meaningful in less than 140 characters!” “Who cares about your lunch?” 02. Sure, some phrases can lift or cut: “We’d like to buy your story.” “Luke, I am your Father.” Or, “I’m leaving you.” 03. But they have power only because they’re carried by other […]

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