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Go to a Workshop? No Thanks

All month long we’ve been discussing workshops. Which ones are out there, what they have to offer, how to get to them, and how to work around the inability to attend one. I’m going to offer a different perspective: not wanting to go to a workshop, ever. It happens invariably at every convention where SFF […]

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Guest post from Jeff Duntemann: Taos Toolbox

We asked Taos Toolbox 2011 graduate and veteran SFF writer Jeff Duntemann to tell us about the workshop experience at Taos Toolbox. Many thanks to Jeff for his contribution! Taos Toolbox 2012 Where: Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico When: June 10-23, 2012 How much: $3100 if application is received by February 1; $3300 thereafter Application […]

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Guest post from Stina Leicht: Armadillocon Writer’s Workshop

We asked novelist Stina Leicht to tell us about her favorite regional workshop, held every year at ArmadilloCon. Many thanks to Stina for her contribution! Where: Austin, TX When: July 27, 2012 How much: $75 (includes lunch and convention membership) Apply by: June 18, 2012 Held once a year in Austin, Texas, the Armadillocon Writer’s […]

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The Clarion Writers’ Workshop

As best I can remember, my journey to Clarion began in 1989, with a classified ad in the the back of Asimov’s magazine. Fast forward through fifteen years or so of life and career. I’d retired from writing a tech column online to take some creative writing classes at my local community college and was […]

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Guest post from Cory Skerry: Viable Paradise

We asked alum and staff member  Cory Skerry to tell us more about what to expect from the workshop experience at Viable Paradise. Many thanks to Cory for his contribution! Location: Martha’s Vineyard, MA Workshop Schedule: October 7 – October 12 Tuition: $1100 Housing: $175/night + tax or $155/night + tax Application Fee: $25.00 (non-refundable) […]

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A deep breath and a jump.

Last year I saw a tweet by Irene Gallo promoting the Illustration Masters Class and it put a little hook in me that I couldn’t shake. I had been thinking about ways to level up my art making and this resonated in an intriguing way. But that was last year, and while I *talked* about […]

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Guest Post: Autodidactic Asphyxiation. By Don Pizarro

Don Pizarro’s writing has appeared here and there: the ‘zines Reflection’s Edge, Everyday Weirdness, and Crossed Genres, the anthologies Rigor Amortis and Cthulhurotica, a spot in McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, a contest in Fantasy Magazine, and other places.  His current project is Bibleotheca Fantastica, an upcoming Dagan Books anthology, which he is co-editing with Claude Lalumière. […]

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Some Inkpunks went to Clarion West…

Collaborative post by Andy and John The Clarion West workshop is held for six weeks every summer in Seattle, Washington. Applications are currently open until March 1st. Today on the Inkpunks, Andrew Penn Romine and John Nakamura Remy, who met at the 2010 workshop, relay their own experiences at Clarion West. While Clarion West is […]

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Writing Groups

Myke Cole is the author of the military fantasy SHADOW OPS series. The first novel, CONTROL POINT, will be published by Ace (Penguin) at the end of this month. As a secu­rity con­tractor, gov­ern­ment civilian and mil­i­tary officer, Myke Cole’s career has run the gamut from Coun­tert­er­rorism to Cyber War­fare to Fed­eral Law Enforce­ment. He’s […]

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Home practice

A workshop is a wonderful thing–it’s the writing equivalent of the yoga class or even the yoga retreat. It’s a magnificent way to reinvigorate your commitment to the craft and to learn new skills. But you know, I find that when I’m in class, I don’t experience my deepest yogic moments. I’m too busy absorbing […]

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