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a short collection of past Inkpunky advice

Ya know, these inkpunk people have written a lot of really smart stuff. I remember when I first started reading the blog a few years ago each new post was a breath of fresh air and inspiration. At the time I was trying to restart my own creative life with ambitions to write an epic […]

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what are you reading?

(Because one of my favorite things to find out about a person is what they are reading.) Here’s a quick sampling of what we have either recently read, are currently reading, or have sitting on our bedside tables waiting for us to dig into: Adam Israel: Recently read: A MEMORY OF LIGHT, by Brandon Sanderson […]

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drInkpunks: Cheers to You All!

So for the last couple of years, I’ve been putting my amateur mixology skills to use for the good of the Inkpunks. For their birthdays, each Inkpunk got a custom-crafted cocktail from me, along with a card and a recipe. It was a way for me to practice my skills, of course, but more than […]

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September’s almost over!

Another month is coming to an end–and we Inkpunks are coming to the end of another great year of blogging. That kind of stuff makes me want to check my to-do list and make sure I’ve made enough check marks. It also makes me want to check in with our readers. What have you seen […]

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A Year in the Inkpunks

It’s been a year since I proposed the idea for this blog and the Inkpunks were formed. A whole year and while the time has flown by, we also can’t believe how much has happened for all us within that year. We thought we’d take some time to reflect back on the year with the […]

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Announcement: Forums!

Earlier today, I whinged on twitter about not being productive enough in my writing. School and a full-time job are very good at devouring time. Turns out, even among Inkpunks I am not alone! Both Christie and Adam have the same lament. And I suspect more of my fellow ink-slingers would have chimed in if […]

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The Inkpunks Disband

This may very well be the most difficult blog I’ll ever have to write. It is with tears in my eyes and a destitute heart that I bring you the news that the Inkpunks have disbanded. I have been given the task of delivering this devastating news to you, our loyal friends, fans and followers. […]

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Apprentice Word Smiths

In the time before Walmart and department stores, when people needed metal goods, they went to see a smith. A gold or silver smith for jewelry. A coppersmith for a pan. A blacksmith for iron goods.  When the pan got a hole in it, folks would set it aside and wait for a tinker–a traveling […]

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We are the Inkpunks

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Inkpunks website with this, the inaugural post, to introduce ourselves and outline our mission here. What can I say about my fellow Inkpunks? Amongst us we have Clarion graduates, editors, podcasters and published authors. We have wide spread interests, varying backgrounds and different passions. Call it […]

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