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I Want to Promote Amazing Authors Who Happen to be Friends

Over the last few years I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many amazing authors, many of whom I’ve also become great friends with. Recently, I’ve been thinking about being a better promotional friend to those published (traditional or indie) author friends because they deserve it, because I want to help them and because we […]

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To Retweet or Not to Retweet: On Rebroadcasting Praise

Today we’re happy to welcome back guest blogger James Sutter with some thoughts on social media. Thanks for your contribution, James! Here’s the scene: You’re fiddling around on your smartphone, maybe killing time in line at the grocery store, when suddenly—ding!—there’s a new message on your Twitter. Somebody liked your book! Not only did they […]

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Be prepared!

This Tuesday evening, I went to see John Scalzi read at Powell’s Books. The reading was great, and as a bonus, it was packed with people–affable, funny, friendly people. After all, this was a Portland reading. Our community is packed with nice folks. When I found a seat, I was close to handful of friends […]

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Awards Season Round-up

With the Hugo & Nebula nominations in full swing, it seemed like a good idea to dedicate a little space here on Inkpunks to our awards-eligible work from 2011. Many of us have already posted these on our own websites, but having it all in one place helps us keep it straight! We hope you’ll […]

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The net worth of your network

The other day a friend asked me: “How do you network the way you do?” And at first I was like “What? I don’t network. That’s for schmoozers and politicians!” And then I got to thinking about the ways my relationships with other genre writers and editors has changed my life, and I realized that […]

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On Readings, or Oh My God I Made a Fan

So, readings. If you write and share your written work with others in some form, you will eventually be asked to read aloud. Whether this is to promote a published work, or simply to practice in front of your (hopefully supportive) writing group or mom, you will find yourself before an audience in a coffee […]

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The Great Con

The Big One We’re in the thick of con season now! ReaderCon, Comic-Con, WorldCon, Dragon*Con, World Fantasy. All big, all very expensive (It’s hard to do any of these for less than $600). So many choices, so little time/money/endurance. Have you been debating which cons to go to? Wondering what you are missing? Here’s a […]

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That Trusty Ol’ Toolkit

It might not be intuitive, but a successful author is–most likely–a well-organized author. It’s all nice and romantic to imagine an office piled ceiling-high with stacks of paper, unpaid bills, absinthe bottles, etc, but let’s leave it at romance. If you don’t have to hunt for information every 10 minutes, if you can answer a […]

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Podcasting and Promotion: The 21st Century Author

Today we are lucky enough to have a guest post by the Functional Nerds! Patrick Hester is an author, a blogger and a podcast producer, John Anealio is a musician and blogger who publishes his music online at  Together, they host a podcast called The Functional Nerds, delivering interviews with authors, artists, and musicians […]

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Hey, Look At ME!

Publicity, promoting yourself and getting your work into the view of other folks is hard to do. Information overload. We’ve got so many people, so many books, so many cool things to see and do and read. How does one get noticed? What often surprises me is the glut of bad advice out there. The […]

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