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some alternatives to drinking alone in the dark

I’ve had this conversation several times lately: Friend: “Hey, what cons are you going to this year? Will you be at [ComicCon? Rainforest? IMC? Norwescon? WHC? IlluxCon? WFC?… etc]” Me: “No, i’m not going to that one either…” It usually feels a bit like this: Let’s face it. Conventions and workshops are great for networking […]

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Guest Post: Workspace. By Evan Jensen.

Ironically enough, my family is in the process of boxing things up to move at the end of the month. So when illustrator Evan Jensen queried the idea of a guest post on keeping workspace in mind when relocating, I couldn’t wait to read it. Thank you Evan! ******** Do you have a unique, inspiring […]

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Guest Post: The Slow-Writing Writer’s Guide to Writing Part Time

About a year ago an acquaintance whispered in my ear that he had a friend  I *really* should get to know. I took his suggestion and began to stalk B. Fox. (You can too, on twitter @thebranfox).  In her I found a kindred spirit: an artist, a writer, a mother.  (A fellow doodler <3).  She […]

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