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Writing About Fighting

One of the most helpful writing panels I’ve ever been to was at VCon in 2008, called Writing About Fighting. I learned so much from the panelists, got inspired to finally start taking martial arts and have had since had the honour of joining this annual panel at VCon. I’ve asked two of the panelists […]

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Working With An Agent: Personality Counts (guest post by Mercedes Yardley)

Today’s guest post comes from the talented, kind, and very lovely Mercedes Yardley! She graciously made our blog a stop on her tour promoting her new short story collection, Beautiful Sorrows, which you should probably go buy and then devour like a box of tiny dark chocolates.   Me: Hello, Brilliant Agent? Brilliant Agent: Hello, Talented […]

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all quiet like….

Almost two years ago John Remy wrote this post about community building and twitter. It’s one of those “where it all started”  posts, nostalgic and wonderful to read. Small connections becoming powerful friendships,  twitter jokes becoming full blown book projects. Creative lives intersecting and growing. My own relationship with twitter has been a shifting, morphing […]

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Failure: You’re Doing it Right

We’ve all heard the truism that the best way to learn is to make mistakes. I’d like to go one step further and suggest that our best teacher is often failure. There’s nothing quite so motivating as to fall flat on your face trying a new thing. If you’re like me, sometimes it takes a […]

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