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Archive > April 2011

The Premise that Sells

I love when lessons present themselves where you least expect them. Last weekend at Norwescon 34 in SeaTac, I went to see the PYR books presentation by the four-time Hugo Award nominated editorial director, Lou Anders. I attended to see the new covers and hear about the latest books, but it turned into far more. […]

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(I have to thank the wonderful Diana Rowland for the inspiration to write this post!) “Bugs the crap out of me when I see someone spout the “if you don’t write every day you’re not really a writer.” ~Rowland I saw Diana’s tweets on this subject yesterday, and wanted to throw my fist up and […]

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Burn, baby, burn

Once upon a time, I wrote a novel. I signed a contract with a very small press. My book passed through an editing process with a contracted editor. My book got cover art. I had the loosely scheduled release date of “Fall 2011.” I scraped up my first blurb. And then my publisher closed down. […]

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Standing Out in the Slushpile: Some Basic Tips

For the past four-and-a-half months, I’ve hardly written anything, focusing instead on four anthology projects (Broken Time Blues, a reprint anthology, a young-adult anthology, and the re-release of Rigor Amortis). Before I get back to writing, and while the business of editing is fresh in my mind, I thought I should post my own version […]

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Write What You Don’t Know

On the surface, you’d think that writing what you *don’t* know should come naturally to authors of specfic. I mean, how much does anyone really know about what it feels like to face a Hound of Tindalos, or to download an assassin’s persona into your brain, or to have your body transformed by the effects […]

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Feature Creep

I am, by trade and training, a software engineer, and I have this tendency to attack my writing from the mindset of an engineer. Things have been happening this year (a sale! then another one! and a long phone call!) which have made look back on the journey, where I was and where I am […]

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An Introductory Primer to the Clarion Workshops

It’s that time of year. Winter has faded, birds are beginning their first tentative tweets, and a new class of Clarion students has been selected. The Clarion Workshops have a reputation for turning out many distinguished writers, like Kij Johnson, Gordon Van Gelder, Octavia Butler, Ted Chiang, Cory Doctorow, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Bruce Sterling, […]

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The Inkpunks Disband

This may very well be the most difficult blog I’ll ever have to write. It is with tears in my eyes and a destitute heart that I bring you the news that the Inkpunks have disbanded. I have been given the task of delivering this devastating news to you, our loyal friends, fans and followers. […]

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