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Archive > October 2010

Never Quit

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the book launch of a gentleman from our manuscript workshop. We’re all thrilled, since this is David Glenn’s first novel publication. It’s always exciting when someone you know breaks in and gets their debut novel published after years of pursuing their dream. David knows all about that. He […]

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If not “hello,” then what?

Did you know that the word “hello” didn’t reach the English vernacular until the 1800’s?  It evolved from the word “hullo,” which you still occasionally hear in British movies.  So even though “hi” always sounds new-fangled and fun, it might prove to be  a better choice for a greeting when you’re writing historical fiction.  “Hi” […]

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So you want to be an anthology editor… Are you sure?

A mere five months ago, I’d never even considered editing as a potential occupation. Truthfully, I didn’t much care for editing—even my own work—seeing it only as a necessary evil on the path to writing success (which, for the record, remains elusive). Editors were mysterious, anal people I submitted to, got rejected by, and who seemed […]

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A Writer’s Dozen: Eleven Ways to Get Story Ideas

This summer, I went to an SF writing workshop where we had to force out one short story per week for six weeks. Someone told us that by the final week we would reach deep into our [ASTRONOMIES] for ideas only to discover that there was nothing there, not even [SHIATSU MASSAGES]. I found, however, […]

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The Writer’s Slow Descent Into Hell: A Flowchart

I believe with every iteration in this flowchart, a writer moves one inch closer to irredeemable madness.

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When in doubt, volunteer

Writing is a lonely business. I don’t know about you, but I toiled away for years on my own. Online writing groups helped, but I always knew that there was a larger community out there that was just outside my reach. The genre community seemed to revolve around conventions–I’d never been to any, and my […]

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Goals vs. Achievements: How not to set yourself up for failure

There are more pitfalls to avoid as a writer than there are in a certain 8-bit Atari video game. I started writing sporadically a decade ago. I would finish a story, send it to a market and wait, my entire identity as a writer hinging on that response. You know that kind of anxiety I’m […]

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We are the Inkpunks

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Inkpunks website with this, the inaugural post, to introduce ourselves and outline our mission here. What can I say about my fellow Inkpunks? Amongst us we have Clarion graduates, editors, podcasters and published authors. We have wide spread interests, varying backgrounds and different passions. Call it […]

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