That day. (And so many others)

What I remember about September 11, 2001: It was the day I had planned to move into a new painting studio. We were newlyweds living in a cramped 1 bedroom apartment, a corner of which I was using to make all manner of messes.  I had finally made arrangements to rent a spot in a nearby warehouse. September 11 was the date me and a friend had planned to move all my paints, papers, odds and ends to their new creative home, yay!

And then we woke up that morning and suddenly all our plans and projects seemed insignificant and pointless.

That’s something I’ve often struggled with. The sense that this thing I do is insignificant and pointless in the face of current events on this small blue dot we call home. However, this is mostly just a personal insecurity, because what I do believe in, strongly, is that when times are hardest is when we humans most need our creative people. Our storytellers, our artists, our songwriters, etc.

I wish I could wax more profound on that, but instead, I’ll just leave you with this one minute film by James Kelly, a poignant, wordless animation about 9/11.

(thank you Irene Gallo, for sharing that one)

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    What you do is one of the most significant things that can be done. Others destroy, but you create.