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Don’t Self-Reject!

Writing is hard. Collecting the library of information necessary to be a successful writer is hard. But maybe the hardest thing for a writer is collecting those inevitable piles of rejection slips. Fear of those rejection slips, however, is a killer. No, I’m not going to give you a pep-talk about J.K. Rowling or Stephen […]

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Guest Post – Literary Mercenaries: Is Media Tie-In Writing Right For You?

James L. Sutter returns to Inkpunks today with a guest post on writing media tie-ins. Feel free to ask James any questions in the comments. Thanks for your contribution, James!   Literary Mercenaries: Is Media Tie-In Writing Right For You? by James L. Sutter As writers of fiction, most of us follow a time-honored pattern […]

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Guest Post: On Seeing It Through

by Gabrielle Harbowy Sometimes, writers submit their works to a publisher for consideration, and then withdraw them. Usually, they’re withdrawing them because they’ve been picked up elsewhere. When that happens, I’m very happy for them. Sometimes, though, writers withdraw a manuscript because at some point since hitting “send” on their submission, they’ve reconsidered and made […]

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That Trusty Ol’ Toolkit

It might not be intuitive, but a successful author is–most likely–a well-organized author. It’s all nice and romantic to imagine an office piled ceiling-high with stacks of paper, unpaid bills, absinthe bottles, etc, but let’s leave it at romance. If you don’t have to hunt for information every 10 minutes, if you can answer a […]

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The Premise that Sells

I love when lessons present themselves where you least expect them. Last weekend at Norwescon 34 in SeaTac, I went to see the PYR books presentation by the four-time Hugo Award nominated editorial director, Lou Anders. I attended to see the new covers and hear about the latest books, but it turned into far more. […]

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Burn, baby, burn

Once upon a time, I wrote a novel. I signed a contract with a very small press. My book passed through an editing process with a contracted editor. My book got cover art. I had the loosely scheduled release date of “Fall 2011.” I scraped up my first blurb. And then my publisher closed down. […]

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