Announcement: Forums!

Earlier today, I whinged on twitter about not being productive enough in my writing. School and a full-time job are very good at devouring time.

Turns out, even among Inkpunks I am not alone! Both Christie and Adam have the same lament. And I suspect more of my fellow ink-slingers would have chimed in if they weren’t, you know, off working.

Talk about needing some accountability ensued, about needing some place to go and post word count, to whine, to cheer one another along. We briefly glossed over the idea of just nagging one another with emails, but then we thought… why just emails? Let’s make a forums, where we can discuss the little things with finer granularity.

And then we thought… why just us? Surely — if within 10 seconds of me whining two other people had similar whines — then statistically speaking, there are more out there with a similar complaint.

So we have a wee forums now. Please feel free to go talk about writing or whatever else you may want to talk about!

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