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Why CREEPY is my thing

  I wasn’t creepy until I fully embraced my inner writer. That person was born from a depraved childhood in the 1980s. See, we lived so far out in the boonies that we didn’t have nice, clean, FCC-approved television. We had books. And unlike those poor sad children of the 1960s, who parents might have […]

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Using Music to Find Your Story’s Voice

As comfortable as I am with the other elements of a story, voice is mysterious and magical to me (but Christie says that a strong voice is one of three things found in great stories). It’s not something I can pull out of my writer’s toolbox–I feel like it’s something I have to discover when […]

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Writer’s Toolkit: Tarot Cards

This post started a couple weeks ago when I twittered that I was pulling tarot cards for a flash fiction story I was working on. It sparked a discussion and several people wanted to know more how about how I was using tarot cards in my writing process. The most interesting characters are flawed. They […]

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OMG, did you check out her encyclopedia?!

My first novel attempt was just a trainwreck, like most of them are. I changed so many things that I finally gave up and never finished. The second one was marginally better. The third one? Oh, I tracked that thing to death. I tracked details so well I burned out on details, and decided to […]

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A Writer’s Dozen: Eleven Ways to Get Story Ideas

This summer, I went to an SF writing workshop where we had to force out one short story per week for six weeks. Someone told us that by the final week we would reach deep into our [ASTRONOMIES] for ideas only to discover that there was nothing there, not even [SHIATSU MASSAGES]. I found, however, […]

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