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On giving up

We’ve all been there: the hill is so steep, and we can’t even see the top. We have no idea when that first sale is coming, and even if we’ve made the first–as I well know–that does not mean the second or third will follow any time soon. There are days when we feel like […]

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Guest Post: Managing Your Schedule as a Busy Freelancer

Today successful freelance editor and author Jennifer Brozek provides practical tips and advice for effectively managing your schedule. Thanks so much, Jennifer!   When it comes to being a freelance author (or freelance anything, really), managing your schedule comes down to two questions: “How do I keep up with the multiple contracts I’m doing at […]

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Better Procrastination as a Writer

Procrastinating is a skill, like writing, that you can perfect with practice and that you’ll find advice about on the Internet. In fact, the two crafts mirror and complement each other. Here’s some advice about incorporating procrastination into your writing habits–based on much real life experience! Set a goal Your first step in a writing […]

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New Year, Same Goals

For those of us who subscribe to the Gregorian calendar, tomorrow is the last day of the year, and the day after brings us into 2012. Many of us made resolutions at the beginning of this year, and this is the time when we look at how we did, and adjust for greater success in […]

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Writer’s Block: Now I Get It

Writer’s block. That state of wanting to write something but not being able to find the words, disliking anything you do manage to write, or perhaps losing your motivation to write altogether. No paragraphs, sentences, or words appear on the page. You are blocked, silenced, inert. Confession: I didn’t used to believe this was a […]

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Dropbox: A Primer for Writers

Whether it’s because it’s November and NaNoWriMo or happenstance, I’ve heard a few tales of woe lately from writers whose hard drive crashed or, in one person’s case, had their laptop stolen. In each case, the writer did not have recent backups and lost what they were working on. My inner geek cringes to hear […]

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Year of Inkpunks, My Little Retrospect

Two years ago I went to World Fantasy in San Jose on a lark. Friends of mine said I had to go, especially since it was local. So I went. And I wound up meeting about half of what would become the Inkpunks. I felt incredibly awkward and shy, so I drank enough vodka to […]

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This is not a post about writing. Mostly.

This is the time of year that I generally reflect on the past twelve months: what I’ve done, and what I’d like to do better. It’s kind of like New Year for me–it’s when I make my resolutions and set my goals, and think about the things I’m grateful for. This is partly because my […]

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eReaders & You

If there’s one question that burns at the heart of the publishing industry today, surely it must be, “How do people read their books now?” eReaders are here to stay and being adopted not just by the tech savvy but hardcore readers everywhere. What’s that? You’re thinking of getting one yourself? Well then, you’re in […]

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Running on Batteries: Introverts and Conventions

Introverts… tend to be introspective, quiet and less sociable. They are not necessarily loners but they tend to have fewer numbers of friends. Introversion does not describe social discomfort but rather social preference: an introvert may not be shy but may merely prefer fewer social activities. (source) Most people think introverts are socially awkward shut-ins […]

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