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This is not a post about writing dialogue. Last weekend, I caught up with an old friend over dinner. We first met in a now-defunct writers’ group, back when I first had an inkling I might want to give this whole writing thing a shot. As one of my first beta-readers and original fans, I […]

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eReaders & You

If there’s one question that burns at the heart of the publishing industry today, surely it must be, “How do people read their books now?” eReaders are here to stay and being adopted not just by the tech savvy but hardcore readers everywhere. What’s that? You’re thinking of getting one yourself? Well then, you’re in […]

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Writing in Retrograde?

  In recent weeks, there has been much speculation on the internet over the announced sale of Weird Tales and what that means for the future of weird fiction. Surely, the loss of Ann Vandermeer at the helm of a very successful magazine stings more than just a bit, and has caused many to worry […]

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What’s your writing fuel? Whenever I hear that question, I think of a big mug of black coffee perched precariously by the keyboard or an IV drip of tea plugged right into a vein. Some writers might suggest a good bar of dark chocolate (with sea-salt on top) or a ginormous hunk of pie. In […]

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Aspiration to Perspiration: Making Time to Write

One of the most common complaints from aspiring writers is that they “don’t have time to write.” It’s true that life has a way of filling up your time with things both mundane and important. Your job is stressful and you’re working lots of OT. Kids. Family obligations. Opportunities to see friends you haven’t seen […]

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Scared? Nervous? Good.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. -Anaïs Nin For my inaugural Inkpunks post, I wanted to talk about something that every writer struggles with, probably at every stage of their career. Courage. I bet at this point, you’re nodding sadly. If only you were a little braver, you’re thinking, your path would […]

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