A sign of good things to come

Once again we’re closing in on the end of the year. Another year of hard work, of hope and frustration, of trying desperately to balance our need to make cool stuff with our need to pay bills and feed kids. This has been a tough one for all of us here at Inkpunks, for one reason or another, and we’re all hoping for good change ahead in 2014.

We have at least one good omen for things to come, and we wanted to share it with you. We don’t do a ton of self-promoting around here–it’s awkward for us–but I think today we need to make an exception. Because for the first time, an Inkpunk has a novel coming out. An actual legit book from an established publisher. And we’re all giddy aunts and uncles cooing over our dear Wendy’s bookbaby and need to show pictures of it to everyone  whether they like it or not. (But honestly, how could you NOT like it? IT’S AMAZING. Illustration by Michael Ivan.)

Cover of Skinwalkers by Wendy W. Wagner

Cover of Skinwalkers by Wendy W. Wagner

That, my friends, is the payoff. The fruit of years of hard work. The end result of submissions and rejections, of retreats and workshops and critiques, of novel drafts that never saw the light of day, of outlines and pitches that were sent back as not good enough, of finally having to learn the rules of someone else’s world (omg, I can’t even imagine, it’s hard enough when we get to make them up ourselves!). That’s two years of emails between Wendy and the rest of us, sometimes elated, sometimes despondent, but always in touch, always working, always setting an example for us.

That’s Wendy’s book, and we could not be any fucking prouder of her than we are.

Skinwalkers will be available from Paizo on March 1, 2014.

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  • feelion

    Hi, I was looking to subscribe to your blog, but the link comes up with loads and loads of html….

  • Tembrooke

    That cover is so awesome! Incredibly pleased for Wendy.