The Inkpunks Disband

This may very well be the most difficult blog I’ll ever have to write. It is with tears in my eyes and a destitute heart that I bring you the news that the Inkpunks have disbanded.

I have been given the task of delivering this devastating news to you, our loyal friends, fans and followers.

I am even more upset to report that it was not an amicable split. There were many issues, but the pinnacle of all of it was a conflict between those in the group who are editors in addition to being authors and those who are authors.

To clarify:



I dare not tell you all the details, to quote my favourite elf, “for me, the grief is still too near.” There were things said by both sides that perhaps should not have been said, it’s true. Things such as THOSE HORRIBLE EDITORS AND THEIR GATEKEEPING ELITISM and THOSE WHINING MALICIOUS STALKING AUTHORS were perhaps not the most professional expression of emotions, yet, there they were.

Things escalated until it seemed no resolution could be reached. As the one who brought most of us together in the first place, Christie “the evil Overlordess” Yant finally spoke up and lowered the boom of doom upon the group, declaring it disbanded.

Cue the fat lady. This will be the final blog, but not the final word. While I am announcing this on behalf of the entire group, I do not begin to speak for each individual and would invite them to voice whatever it is they wish to express at this time in the comments.

Good-bye, dear readers. To my ex-inkpunks, you are all the most terrible, unsupportive, uncreative, talentless, selfish and uncaring people I have ever met in my life. I hate you all.

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  • …April Fool’s?

    • Are you calling us fools? On top of everything that’s going on, really?

  • Thank goodness -that’s- over. I was wondering when you pack of losers would finally implode. Especially with this Wickham person constantly shooting her mouth off — it was just embarrassing to watch, like a car accident in slow motion.


  • Wendy Wagner, Inkpunk

    Well, at least you finally reigned in your adverbs. It seems you finally listened to reason after all!

  • I am sad.

  • Also, I must now re-consecrate the altar I had erected in honor of the Inkpunks.

    Now it will be for Cthulhu.

  • Shadow

    What?? How?? *sputters in amazement and runs off to cry*

  • Anonymous

    I swear to God, Wendy, you couldn’t even keep it civil in the comments, could you? Ever heard of a sandwich crit? You know, where you say something NICE (for a change) before you show your true colors?

    I’m at a bus stop typing on my phone, but rest assured, I’ll have more to say when I reach a real keyboard.

  • doomed from the start… but it’s short life was a beautiful thing still.
    /bows head at inkpunks passing.

  • Shadow

    Can’t you all just get along? I mean these are words, and we LOVE them!

    • Some of us love our words a little too much, apparently. *glares at the editorial illuminati*

  • I’m going to wear black today to mourn the passing of the Inkpunks. And it’s gonna be over 80 degrees. I will melt and pass out from dehydration. I hope you’re all happy. (grr arrg)

  • Christie Yant

    Evil? Really? Well, if asking you to have a beginning, middle, AND an end is “evil” then I guess I am!

    Oh, and and for what it’s worth, vampires are *so* 2009.

    • I *knew* it! I knew I saw you carrying a stake around at WFC this year.. I got my eye on you, lady.

  • John Remy

    Christie, but our art may demand only beginning, middles and

    • Remy, it’s clever crap like that, that makes me totally hate you. 😉

  • John Remy

    And Erik, some day, I will have the last laugh, when you see that teen weremanatee romances really are the next big thing.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really tired of these self-important editors thinking they’re so much better than us, picking on every stupid little detail. Oh no! I used an en-dash when I should have used an em-dash! The correct punishment is, what, ten lashes with the hickory, right? Do you guys have a chart or something? Fifteen lashes for homophone errors? Improper use of a semicolon means you must be drawn and quartered?

    Seriously, where do you guys get off?

    Someday, editors, I will rise to power. And you — Erika, Jaym, Wendy, Christie — all of you… will rue the day you crossed me.


  • John

    Erika; Jaym; Wedny; Christie; and, Jaym…I just want that you should know that other really important editers loved my Were–Manatees bodice ripper trilogy and he said that my prose was like Gene Wulf’s only a lot harder to understand so it’s really literary too so I don’t know where you all come off and all my friend have read it and said that I should maybe even create a Were–Manatees erotic anthology and lastly my mom told me my first drafts are so clean I don’t need editers because my first drafts are so strong, and finally I’ve sold hundreds digital of copies for the Amazon Kindle and will make even more money when I start charging for it so don’t even tell me that I don’t know how to write and that my stories could use a little “tightening” and “copy editing” and “may not be suitable for the YA market.”

  • OMFG! I leave for work and I come back to find out that you loser writers just totally went off the handle! I *told* you that you were only hurting yourselves!

    Goddammit, I gave up using a red pen because of your manuscripts. I mean, I couldn’t even see the WORDS in there, under all that red pen. I should have just rewritten them for you.

    Fine. Go ahead and run away. Last word of advice: from what I’ve gathered below, REAL editors like it when you misspell their names, forget commas, use the wrong contractions, and describe full-on manatee/snake sex in excruciating detail. Preferably with illustrations.

    Good luck….~cackle~

  • Erika Holt

    John (see how I spelled your name correctly?),

    I *would* suggest you go out and buy a dictionary and a copy of _The Elements of Style_, but I fear you’re beyond even Strunk & White’s help.

    As for the rest of you (Adam, Morgan, and Sandra), if you ever hope to be successful, may I suggest you learn the proper use of em dashes, ellipses, oxford commas, and the like, as you clearly haven’t given proper punctuation much thought thus far in your writing careers.

    Editor solidarity forever!!

    • I was wondering who Erik was.

      But yet, I must stick up for my fellow author, you mean, MEAN editor, you.


  • Ldwebb55

    What a disappointing and hurtful ending for the “Inkpunks” – sad news!